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I don’t think of teaching as my profession, but rather as my calling. As a teenager I was interested in learning of all sorts and thought of becoming a nurse or an engineer. At 16 I began working at a childcare center and absolutely loved it. From that point on I knew I would be a teacher. My Catholic faith has always played an enormous part in my life. During college I assumed that I would teach in the public school system, and I did for 2 years. Throughout those 2 years, my family and friends continued to remind me that I should investigate teaching in a Catholic School. In October 2002 I joined the staff here and I can’t imagine why I didn’t realize a Catholic school would be the place for me. I get to teach and be a part of my students’ spiritual lives. What a blessing! You can contact me at

Classroom Information water cycle activity to find your local watershed’s name click on watersheds in the lefthand column. find information about a typical day at OPI

updated 3-3-11

Religion-We are studying Ch 8 "Gospels Letters and Other Books." We will be discussing discipleship, the formation of Scripture, the Letters, the Gospels, types of literature in the gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, the book of Revelation.

8A Math- We are currently working on Unit  6 (Chapters 7,8,9).  We will be learning to solve inequalities, solve multi--step inequalities, solve compound inequalities, graph inequalities in two variables, graph and solve equations by substitution and elimination, multiply and divide monomials, polynomials, add subtract and multiply by monomials, special products. 

Science-Test Ch 2 Tuesday March 8.  The students are studying from Motion Forces and Energy chapter 2.   Newton's Laws of Motion

7B Math- Students are working on Unit 4 (this unit include materials from both books) which includes factoring of monomials, prime factorization, finding greatest common factor, finding least common multiple, simplifying fractions, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions, solving equations, multiplying and dividing with decimals.

7T Literacy- Red Badge of Courage essay final draft due Monday March 7. In grammar the students are finishing a unit on modifiers.  In Literature the students are reading from Unit 4 all types of sports stories. 

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